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Barcelona Travel Tips

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Barcelona Travel Tips

Barcelona is nestled on the northeastern portion of the Iberian Peninsula. The city is the second largest in Spain when it comes to total land area and population. In addition, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, which makes up the 17 autonomous communities in the country.

For several years, Barcelona has become the center of style and dynamism to all parts of the world. Tourists can find majestic and historic buildings, outstanding shopping malls, and a wide selection of food and drinks. Many people consider Barcelona as the most desirable place to visit and live because of the fascinating views, excellent landmarks, and genial people in this cultural city.

Brief History Of Barcelona

Between 416 and 712 A.D,
 served as the capital of the Visigoth Empire. The Moors took over the city, and was conquered eventually by the Arabs. In the year 780, Charles the Great commanded his son, Louie, to conquer Barcelona. After a long battle, Louis took over the city, and it became the capital of Spain. When Charles the Great died, the Arabs ruled Barcelona, and the city became a commercial town. Several monuments, gothic buildings, and palaces were constructed, and these made Barcelona as the cultural capital of the country.

In 1469, the marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabela I of Castille linked the two royal lines. The merging of these dynasties signaled a decline in Barcelona's economy. Various Catalan revolts also weakened the city, and Madrid became the country's capital and center of political power.

Population of Barcelona

Barcelona ranks second when it comes to the most populous cities in Spain. The city is home to 1,621,537 locals and foreigners. The urban districts of Barcelona have a population of about 4,200,000, which makes the city as the sixth most populous urban areas among European Union nations. About five million people live in the metropolitan areas of Barcelona.

Best Time to Travel to Barcelona Spain

Many people prefer traveling to Barcelona during spring because of the favorable temperature that ranges between 13 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. They can enjoy engaging in various activities such as hiking, swimming, and boating. The autumn season is another excellent time to visit the city because of the perfect combination of cool and warm temperature. However, there are occasional rains that might not be ideal for some recreational activities such as hiking.

Main Tourist Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona has an appeal of being an open-air museum because of the wide spectacle of attractions that tourists can find all over the city. It is easy to reach various scenic spots by train, bicycle, bus, or car. The following attractions are among the popular ones in Barcelona.

La Rambla

This bustling boulevard is one of the most popular locations in the city. Shopping enthusiasts will adore the long chain of shopping centers and malls. In addition, there are numerous cafes, theaters, shops, and markets at La Rambla. Those who look for a dynamic adventure will appreciate what La Rambla has to offer.

Barri Gotic

This gothic quarter presents the historic or old Barcelona. It connects La Rambla with the Mediterranean and Via Laietana through the Ronda de Sant pere. Tourists can find many ancient buildings constructed during the medieval era such as the squared Roman Walls, Avinguda de la Catedral, and the Jewish Quarter.


This majestic mountain is one of the most popular natural landmarks of Barcelona. It overlooks several locations in the city such as the amusement parks, churches, hotels, and telecommunication towers. The wonderful view at Tibidabo provides nature enthusiasts with a placid and relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Museum Picasso

The famous museum located in Carrer Montcada amazes art connoisseurs from many parts of the world. The Museum Picasso provides an extensive collection of Pablo Picasso's work. Tourists will experience the brilliant lights and various colors featured in the Spanish artist's paintings.

La Sagrada Familia

The Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family is a Roman Catholic Church that features an impressive façade and interior. The world-renowned architect, Antoni Goudi, designed this fascinating landmark in Barcelona. The church contains genuine mosaics, sculptures and a peaceful ambience that awe many people.

Best Hotels in Barcelona

Tourists will have a superb experience while touring around Barcelona. They can also find high quality hotel accommodations for a comfortable stay in the city. There are three types of accommodation in Barcelona such as the hotel, pension, and hostal. A hostal is like a guest house with a smaller building, as compared to a hotel. On the other hand, pensiones are family-run accommodations with inexpensive rates.

Those who look for top quality hotels might want to consider these five-star luxury and boutique hotels located in Barcelona.

Hotel Murmuri

This luxurious hotel is situated on Rambla de Catalunya, which is the center of Barcelona. Since the hotel's opening in 2008, it has been delivering the best services and reasonable rates to tourists. Hotel Murmuri also offers a superb dining experience. Tourists will have the best gastronomic experience while dining at the Marfil Bar and Terrace and Asiatic Murmuri Restaurant.

Hotel Arts Barcelona

With 483 rooms and breathtaking views over the sea, Hotel Arts Barcelona is definitely one of the top choices when it comes to the best hotels in the city. The facilities are flawless and contemporary, which ensure tourists of an outstanding experience at the hotel. In addition, the hotel boasts of the duplex spa situated on the 42nd and 43rd floor. The spa, which is surrounded by a garden, provides guests with a tranquil experience of being in touch with nature.

Hotel Bagues

The five-star hotel offers 31 luxurious rooms that provide an excellent view of les Rambles and Carme Street. Guests will delight on the comfort and relaxation that the hotel provides. The El Regulador, located at the ground floor of the hotel, features a wide choice of Mediterranean dishes. The appetizing meals are both healthy and scrumptious because of the fresh ingredients used.

Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping is another popular pastime in Barcelona. Tourists will be impressed with the large department stores and independent shops that offer quality items.

El Corte Ingles and Fnac

These are the two largest department stores in Barcelona. Those who like to find various types of clothing, footwear, and other items under one roof will adore these shopping malls.

Custo Barcelona

Custo, a renowned Spanish designer, features a line of clothing with wacky prints and eye-popping colors. The store provides shoppers with an excellent choice of good quality clothes that appeal to brand-conscious individuals.


Shoppers who look for high fashion outfits with reasonable prices should check out Zara. The smart and stylish tailoring will fascinate people of all ages and lifestyles. Zara offers a multitude of designs and cuts that go well for casual or formal events.

Top-Rated Restaurants in Barcelona

No matter what time of day or night, tourists will enjoy dining at the famous restaurants in the city. These restaurants are among those that tourists prefer to visit because of the great menus with exquisite taste.

Dos Palillos

Asian cuisine makes most of the menu at Dos Palilos. Tourists will love the scrumptious taste of cuisine from China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. Among the best-sellers include tempura, steamed vegetables, seafood, tapas, and grilled dishes.


This famous restaurant is found at the second floor of Hotel Arts. The dynamic ambience of the place is seen in the contemporary design, live music, and entertainment. The restaurant is also popular because of various dishes such as fritas y rellenas de salsa, picante y recubiertas de alioli, and classic tapas.

El Vell Sarria

Tourists will never pass the chance to dine at the El Vell Sarria, a beautiful restaurant located at Sarria, Barcelona. This restaurant comes with a rustic and traditional ambience. The top menus include sapietas with onions, grilled vegetables with anchovies, plancha, and cod with vegetables.

Exciting Recreational Activities

Children and adults will have the time of their life while engaging in exciting activities and sports.

Parc de la Ciutedella

The main park offers a wide choice of activities for the whole family. Children will love to explore the open spaces and gardens, and tourists of all ages will love to paddle around the lake by hiring a small rowboat.

Barcelona Zoo

The zoo is located in the Parc de la Ciutedella. It is the perfect place where tourists can check out different species of animals. There are picnic areas, electric cars, pony rides, mini-trains, and restaurants inside the zoo.

Illa Fantasia

This impressive water park includes 3 large pools and 20 water slides. The Illa Fantasia is the ideal spot to cool off during the warm months in Barcelona. Numerous water activities will amaze the little ones such as the Splash n Slide, which provides a safe place for children to swim.

Barcelona Beaches

The beaches also offer exciting activities for locals and foreigners. Many people can try windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, swimming, and dining on the nearby beach huts.

These activities and places are only a few of what Barcelona can offer. A tour around the city will surely enrich the mind and body because of the scenic views and fantastic menus. Barcelona remains as one of the most frequented cities in the world because of the memorable and enriching experience it provides tourists.

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